Boat insurance in Scranton, Dunmore, Hawley and surrounding areas.

Spending time on your boat is a luxurious, relaxing pastime. But, the risks associated with boat ownership can put a damper on your downtime if you’re not fully protected. Our insurance advisors will review your risks and help you decide on coverage that keeps your investment afloat.

There’s more to insuring your boat than you might realize, but a good insurer can help find the policy that’s right for you. Take the coverage that protects the boat itself against damage, theft, fire and other risks. You can pay a higher premium and have a guaranteed payout amount if you make a claim, or pay a lower premium for a cash value policy where the payout amount is based on the market price when you make the claim.

Liability is also a key part of boat insurance. Make sure you’re covered against damage to other people’s boat in a collision, along with injury and personal property damage to passengers on your boat and other people’s watercraft. Also, be sure that your policy covers any clean-up costs you might have to pay according to current laws and regulations.

Make sure to ask about features that may be optional extras, such as towing costs if your boat breaks down on a trip, coverage against collisions caused by uninsured boaters or costs if you need to move your boat because of a hurricane warning.

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Kincel & Company Insurance offers comprehensive boat insurance in Northeast Pennsylvania; including Scranton, Dunmore and Hawley, PA.